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Cyrus Jilla
Cyrus Jilla
Group Managing Partner, B-FLEXION

Cyrus is the Group Managing Partner of B-FLEXION, a private entrepreneurial investment firm with substantial healthcare and life science interests.  Cyrus has spent the past more than fifteen years as a principal investor and operator, acquiring and overseeing operating businesses, alongside private investment funds and firms. Cyrus is engaged across all B-Flexion’s activities, and he sits on the boards of Corium Therapeutics and Boston Pharmaceuticals. Previously, Cyrus worked at Fidelity where he had primary responsibility for the firm’s proprietary investments, including extensive biotech and healthcare interests. He has been a Board Director or Chair of numerous companies, including COFRA A.G., Colt Telecom, Optegra Healthcare, and Element Six Group. Earlier in his career Cyrus was the Managing Partner of Bain & Company UK, and he began his career at Schroders plc having studied medicine at the University of London.

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Working in a collaborative environment to provide a life-saving therapy is not only empowering but inspiring. It is amazing to spend each day working with a team dedicated to our mission in creating positive stories for our patients and their caregivers.

Katie Zitoli, Executive Director, Finance and Controller

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I value being able to engage in meaningful collaboration across the Paratek organization, working with people who share a common goal of providing patients with access to a life-saving product.

Lindsay Moss, Associate Director, Contracts Development and Management

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At Paratek, there is an undercurrent of passion that propels us to achieve, to do the right thing and to help one another.  When we work in a purposeful way together, we can accomplish beyond what we ever imagined.

Lauren Stanton, Director, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

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“I am so proud to be a part of a company where creativity, collaboration, and a shared dedication to making a difference in the lives of patients are not just encouraged, but celebrated, at every level of the organization.”

Beth Eddowes, Senior Marketing Associate

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"Our team at Paratek is dedicated to communicating the scientific attributes of NUZYRA and motivated by a unified goal: Improving the care of patients today and preparing for the antimicrobial resistance threats of the future."

Kelly Wright, Senior Director, Medical Publications

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"Working on a product that has the potential to positively impact so many patient lives is very rewarding and gives me a great sense of purpose."

Stephen Viccica, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs